Recipe Software - Costs, Allergens, Nutrition/Calories and more...

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What is Chef?

“Chef” is the new system taking the restaurant and catering industry by storm. It gives Chefs and Restaurant Managers a central place to store, manage and develop their Recipes & Menus. The system instantly provides the information that consumers, regulatory bodies and chefs now require, such as allergens, nutrition, cost and more…

We are Hamilton Grant - the company behind the System:

We have played an important role in the wider food industry for over 25 years. We pioneered the software that helps many of the world’s best known food manufacturers develop Recipes to meet the demands of tighter legislation and consumer expectations.

After extensive market research it was clear that restaurants are now facing similar challenges. They needed to replace spreadsheets with an App that is easy to use and ready to go without a complicated learning process…..and so we developed “Chef”!

Features & Benefits:

Allergens Comprehensive allergen information for your customers
Allergen Regulations Don’t worry about trying to keep up with the Allergen laws, if a new allergen is identified, we will update your system automatically.
Nutrition Health and lifestyle information
Nutritional databank Nutritional data for ingredients already in the system
Costings Instantly see the effect on cost as you develop a recipe
Recipe printout Print a recipe sheet (preparation & cooking instructions, photograph, nutrition & allergen information)
Recipe workbench Try-out “what if?” scenarios
Single source of truth One central place to store your recipes, avoiding complicated spreadsheets
Cooking & preparation Keep notes on how a recipe is prepared and make the information available to all kitchen staff
Attach photographs Maintain consistency of presentation
Quick search Instantly find recipes and ingredients as you start typing
On the Cloud Ready to go, nothing to install, accessible via the web
Compatible Can be used on laptops, desktops, Apples and iPads

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